The Phantom Beast: One Love, One Lifetime

by Jenn Thompson



I walked into the tunnels late one Saturday night after seeing a performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Jenny. She had somehow managed to acquire tickets to Michael Crawford's final performance before he joined the company in Los Angeles.

"Come on Catherine, it will be fun. Besides, when is the last time we got to eat lunch, much less see a show together?" Jenny pleaded over the phone a week ago.

"Alright." I said relenting. I wanted to spend some time with Vincent that night, but Jenny was persistent.

The night of the show I put on my favourite formal dress. It was an ankle-length black dress with an Empire waist and cap sleeves. I had been saving it for a special occasion. Finding a pair of strappy black shoes and spritzing on some perfume I was ready for an evening at the theatre.

"You look fantastic!" Jenny commented when she saw my dress. "Too good to be spending an evening with me."

"I do not!" I said with a laugh. Finding our seats we sat down just before the overture began. The sight of Michael Crawford as the Phantom took my breath away and I found myself mesmerized in the music.

Hearing the words "You alone can make my song take flight. Help me make the music of the night." As he peered out of the angel on the top of the roof made tears come to my eyes. Those words were absolutely heartbreaking.

"How do you like it?" Jenny asked me at the intermission. She had stood to stretch for a moment.

"It's fantastic." I replied. Watching this show I couldn't help but think about my relationship with Vincent. But he was so much more than just an angel of music. He was the angel of my very existence. Considering loving anyone else but him was not in my reality.

Sitting back down to watch the second act I was moved to tears before it was over.

"Are you ok?" Jenny asked reaching for my hand.


Taking it I smiled. "I'm fine. The music just got to me for a moment."

On the way home in the cab I decided to go straight to the park instead of to my apartment. I needed to tell Vincent about the show.

"What is it?" Vincent asked after I hugged him tightly.

"I just saw the most wonderful play. It was called "The Phantom of the Opera." I just had to come and tell you about it." I said excitedly. Holding his arm I explained the plot as we walked back to his chamber.

"It sounds wonderful." Vincent commented when I was finished.

"I just can't imagine why she went with Raoul." I said shaking my head. "The Phantom was her true love."

"True love isn't always enough." Vincent replied earnestly.

"Well it is enough for us!" I responded looking up at him with a smile. Putting his arms around me I leaned against him and relaxed. Closing my eyes I felt myself drift off to sleep.



Continued in chapter 1